Does Your Upholstery Need to be Wet or Dry Cleaned?

Newer pieces of furniture should have a tag to tell you how to care for the fabric, indicating one of four codes:

  • S-Solvent Cleaning*
  • W-Wet Cleaning
  • SW-Solvent or Wet Cleaning
  • X-cannot be cleaned (absurd though that may be)

When buying new furniture, we advise our customers to look for the code. "W" or "SW" is going to be more easily maintained; "S" needs to be cleaned before it looks bad. If your furniture doesn't have a code tag, our expertise will know what cleaning method is correct.

Wet Cleaning
Roughly 80% of upholstery fabrics can be wet cleaned. We use upholstery wands and tools specifically made for our truck-mounted vans. We always test the fabric to make sure it's color fast in an inconspicuous area. We use a variety of cleaning agents to clean the fabric, followed by clear water rinsing to eliminate residue, the source of rapid re-soiling. The skill is in knowing how to get the soil out without over-wetting the fabric.

The spotter we've found to be most effective is available for purchase. For details, see "Products" under the "Bonus Section" above.

Dry Cleaning
We use a special hand cleaning process with the best products we have found in our 35+ years experience. Quality workmanship does the rest.

No tag; no problem. Our experts will know the best way to care for your specific upholstery fabric.