Tile and Grout Cleaning

Cleaning System
Based on "less is better" knowing how little cleaning agents can be used to bring about the desired results is key. After the initial cleaning, Excel's clear water rinsing technology makes the healthy difference for your family. Dryers are used to get your household back to normal more quickly.

One of Excel's truck-mounted vans is specifically set up for cleaning tile and grout with the ideal pressure and a higher heat. Specially adapted wand heads coupled with a wide assortment of tools designed to get along the edges and in difficult-to-reach spaces complete the state-of-the-art equipment.

Sealing the Tile and Grout
It is important to use a high quality sealer after the cleaning. Excel can apply the sealer for you or give you advice on purchasing one you can apply yourself. A wide selection of applicators is also available.

Maintenance Guidelines
As a general rule, tile and grout should be cleaned every five years if a good quality sealer has been used. The soil condition of the grout is the indicator of when tile needs to be cleaned. It may be necessary to clean the higher traffic areas (such as kitchens or an entry from a garage) more often. If you wait until all the tile needs cleaning, these high traffic areas may be beyond help.

The grout cleaner we use is available for purchase along with a grout brush that ends the need to clean the grout lines with a tooth brush.


Don't forget your outdoor tile;
we clean that too!