Carpet Cleaning

3 Keys to Quality Carpet Cleaning

  1. Unequalled state-of-the-art equipment
  2. A "Less is Better" approach for the use of harmful chemicals, and
  3. "Clear Water Rinse" after the cleaning to remove the cleaning agents that were used.

Will cleaning my carpets cause them to get dirty quickly?

The culprit of rapid re-soiling is the chemical residue left behind in your carpet. It acts like a magnet to soil, so your carpet will get dirty quickly. BUT, if you rinse out all that residue, the problem is solved.

That's why our claim to fame and the reason for a BBB A+ Rating is our unique "Clear Water Rinse". More importantly—you, your kids, and your pets won't be breathing harmful chemicals.


  • Tarps are places under our vans in your driveway, even though they don't leak.
  • Runners are placed on your hard surfaces to protect them.
  • Corner protectors prevent damage to painted surfaces and furniture.
  • Every member of our crew receives a background check and extensive training.
  • You can feel comfortable having them in your home.
  • Dryers are used after the cleaning to get your household back to normal as quickly as possible.
  • You can count on our crews being punctual.

Free Estimates

Estimates are based on a walk-through with the Company's owner detailing exactly what work is to be done and for what price; and it's a firm price. There won't be any add-ons at the end of the job.


Not only can Excel provide preferences, but chances are that references in or near your own neighborhood can be provided.


Excel's vehicles are state-of-the-art truck mounted, power-takeoff units and have more power and higher water temperature. The result is a deeper cleaning

We don't swap dirt for chemicals. We remove both. Carpet that stays cleaner
longer makes us your most cost effective choice in the long run.