area rugs

area rugs


Area Rugs need "TLC," and That's What We Give Them

Almost all area rugs require in-shop cleaning. We recently moved our operation into a new building, customized specifically to be the best possible in-plant cleaning facility.

  • Our system delivers a very gentle cleaning.
  • We know how to avoid problems such as warping, colors that bleed, fading, and mold or mildew.
  • We clean, rinse, and dry the rug(s).
  • Then we begin the rinsing and drying process again, repeating as many times as necessary until the rug is residue free.
  • The fringe is gently cleaned, either by hand or with a tool designed for this purpose. Helpful Hint: Fringe on rugs is the most expensive and time consuming to clean; therefore, the soil condition of the fringe is a good indicator of when it's time to have a rug professionally cleaned.
  • This cleaning method will make your area rugs "residue free".
  • Process takes from four to seven days.
  • Excel's "TLC" for your area rugs is competitively priced.

There are certain kinds of rugs that require extra TLC--Navajo's, Antiques (especially vegetable dyed), and silks. These rugs are hand cleaned with diligent care.

We understand that nothing can replace the sentimental value of a rug that has been passed down through generations of a family. To make sure area rugs are kept safe, the Armed Response Team provides security for the facility including a twenty-four hour video surveillance system of the plant.


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