This is not the typical presentation of a company's bio.

It is a story of how we came to be a respected company with a BBB A+ rating. We hope you'll take time to read our hopefully entertaining story. At the end, you'll truly come to understand our company.

carpetIt all began with a little company in Washington DC in the 60's called Dirt Cheap.

Bill Reno would knock on doors to get business and shampoo the carpet on the spot (at that time shampooing was the way carpet was cleaned). Bill took pride in his scrub-a-dub technique; but, in truth, he left a lot of soap in people's carpet. Dirt Cheap evolved into a company called ThoroClean that marketed to high rise businesses. We no longer used shampooers, but the newly developed steam cleaning. The company did well, but Bill had never been a fan of life in D.C. and wanted to return to his Colorado roots. In 1974 we packed up and moved to Denver.

Again, our market was high rise businesses. The manufacturer of our portable steam cleaning equipment (located in Holland, Michigan) had developed a "new and improved" model which, of course, we had to have. We headed out in the dead of winter to pick one up. Alas, it was too big to fit into our station wagon. We headed home empty-handed, driving for what seemed like forever at 30mph on the worst black ice I've ever seen,

We started a sister company to ThoroClean—a retail carpet store called Carpet Mountain. I was sent on a trip to the Burlington Carpet Mill in North Carolina and was anxious to see how they tested carpet's durability. It was a joke—a treadmill with mechanical (clean) feet walking on it. I'd heard Bill say: "All carpet looks good going out the front door of the carpet store", and I finally understood what that meant. In all fairness to the mills, they really had no other frame of reference; however, because of ThoroClean, we did.

cleaningWith crews of 20-30 carpet cleaners, a sales staff, an office staff, and the independent carpet installer subcontractors, most of the carpet installations and cleaning jobs were customer-pleasers, but still drama abounded. Case in point, one installer was putting down carpet in a home with a toddler who was being a pest. His solution was to nail the toddler's shoes to the stairs, and then put the toddler back into them.

We sent the computer whiz member of our cleaning crews to manage a job for Petro Lewis' computer center. Our computer whiz thought he was closing the doors to the main computer room, but instead he hit a button that shut down Petro Lewis' entire computer system. (Petro Lewis was most gracious and remained loyal customers.)

We moved the carpet store to a larger facility, and then to another even larger building. One week before our grand opening, the cabinet makers threw their lacquer soaked rags into a pile of cardboard packing boxes causing spontaneous combustion, and our new building was on fire. Fortunately, the sprinkler system was already hooked up and put out the fire. Unfortunately, we then had rolls and rolls of wet carpet. Thankfully, our ThoroClean crew came to the rescue. Talk about a Grand Opening "Fire Sale".

There finally came a point when we said enough is enough; this is no way to live, and that's how we came to Albuquerque, New Mexico. We started a new carpet cleaning business named Excel Carpet Cleaning, changed our market from businesses to residences, and our equipment from portable steam cleaners to truck-mounted vans, the new state-of-the-art. Over our years here, Bill has perfected his cleaning system with the clean water rinse, and we moved into our own building, customized to be the perfect area rug cleaning plant. Bill, with the help of great crew members, finally feels that he can deliver results that satisfy not only our customers, but the boss himself. There were a few bumps along the way, as you can see, but we learned. We've built a company we're really proud of that gives our customers both results and professionalism. Excel and Albuquerque have been very good to us indeed.

The End

Thanks for taking the time to read our story.